Founded in 1984 a group of women in Coraopolis, PA saw the need for a multigenerational Bible study for Christian women and a ministry for those struggling or seeking to know more about Christian faith. As a result, they joined together for the purpose of starting a women’s ministry that would serve as a beacon of light and hope.

In 1985 after much collective and individual prayer, they formalized the ministry and created the non-profit, Women in Christian Ministries, Inc. (WICM) to denote the plurality of ministries that would support women in their homes, in the local community and throughout the world.

These ministries are multi-faceted in spreading the Gospel and fostering faith in Jesus Christ. All of these efforts are implemented with an unreserved commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the joy of entering into His Kingdom.


Who We Serve

WICM strives to achieve improved outcomes for:

  • All racial and ethnic groups
  • Women alone or with their children
  • Other unserved and underserved populations


WICM staff and volunteers minister to women who are struggling spiritually, physically, and emotionally, through a holistic approach of evangelism, counseling, and social services.