Juanita_BlandWomen In Christ was formed in 1984 in my home in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania as a ministry for Christian women to deepen our walk with God and fellowship with one another. Though we came from various churches and denominations and ranged in age from twenty-one to the mid- sixties, we held such powerful Bible studies and moving discussions that we felt led to broaden our horizons and began to conduct workshops and retreats for adult women, including senior citizens and single mothers within the greater community. In 1985 we became a 501(C) 3 organization under the official name of Women In Christian Ministries, Inc. (WICM) and purchased a home from one of our ministry leaders where we sold Bibles and religious instruction materials, at cost, as an extension of the International Bible Distribution Center and also offered counseling sessions to mothers and children in crisis provided by certified counselors who volunteered their services.

As our organization grew and we counseled more women, we began to recognize the devastating impact of domestic violence and the need for a safe place for women and their children trying to escape abusive homes. Several of us were trained at the Crisis Center North in Pittsburgh, learned more about this growing scourge and became certified as telephone counselors. We opened a hot line to assist women in their time of need and held conferences on domestic violence. As a result of the response, we believed that God was calling WICM to do even more.

That the Lord would use me to orchestrate this ministry for Him bordered on the miraculous because I had made some very bad choices that resulted in serious physical difficulties and I wasn’t sure I would be able to serve Him in this way. Yet, I realized that if I had not had the Word of God planted deep in my heart, I would not have survived the many trials that I have experienced.  I truly had the full assurance that forgiveness, healing, and victory came only come from Him. I knew that the women our ministry served, in the midst of their pain and trauma, needed to hear this message, so I have gratefully embraced this opportunity to be a servant of the Lord in this vital work.

In addition to our Christian Education programs, WICM now offers transitional housing, for up to 18 months, to women and their children fleeing abusive relationships. We warmly open our lovely home to women that meet our criteria, agree to follow our protocols and meet with our certified volunteer counselors who will connect them to additional resources and refer them to outside agencies for further assistance, as needed. Our residents are also welcome, but not required, to participate in WICM events, such as our Christ-centered workshops, conferences, and seminars.

My passion as the founder and board chairman of WICM and the purpose of our organization is to love the Lord and to extend His love to all women, equipping them with the Word of God and the power of prayer, to live victorious lives, regardless of life’s circumstances.